Monday 20 February 2012

HazratHabshi Bilal (R.A) and Hazrat Ammar Ibn Yasir (R.A) [In Urdu]

Hazrat Bilal Habshi (R.A) and Hazrat Ammar Ibn Yasir (R.A) [In Urdu]

"Aamār ibn Yāsir al-Ansi" was one of the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was one of the Muhajirun.

Ammār was born in the Year of the Elephant, which was the same year as Muhammad. ʻAmmār was a friend of Muhammad even before conversion and was one of the intermediaries in Muhammad's marriage to Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. His mother was Sumayyah bint Khayyat and his father was Yasir ibn Amir. Yasir and Sumayyah were pagan converts to Islam who were tortured and crucified in the last year before the Hijra and thus the one of the first martyrs of Islam at Muhammad's time. ʻAmmār's family was repeatedly tortured by Abu Jahl and his parents were martyred after much torture. After the persecution of Muslims was over, Hamza and the Muhammad's other companions went to the loaction where the torture and persecution took place; they found every persecuted Muslim dead except Ammar, who had survived the torture.

Ammar had a good relationship with all the caliphs. ʻUmar appointed ʻAmmār governor of Kufa while Shia's respect Ammar us for his loyalty to ʻAlī and is considered by the Shia to be one of the four of the companions of Muhammad who stayed most loyal to Ali's right of succession after the death of Muhammad. He was one of the heroes of the battle of Badr and a commander of some of the army units during it. Ammar was martyred in the battle of Siffin by the forces of Mu'awiya I in 657, well past the age of 50

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